~ Puppies 7 weeks old ~


Backhill's Hooked On A Feeling 

(male, blue roan/tan)

Owner:Pernilla Nilsson, Malmö

Backhill's He's Classical

(male, blue roan)

Owner: Anne Taylor,Kennel Avila, New Zealand

Backkhill's Humphrey Bogart

(male, blue roan)

Owner:L & A Andresson, Veberöd 

Backhill's Hummingbird

(bitch, blue roan)

Owner: Ann-Kristin Holmgren, Bjursås

Backhill's Heavenly Promise 

(bitch, blue roan)

Owner: AnnLouise & Olle Ingvarsson,  Svängsta (Kennel Himlahunden)

Backhill's Harvest Of Hope

(bitch, black/white)

Owner: Elisabeth Gundstedt, Tenhult

Backhill's Hidden Flower

 (bitch, black/white/tan)

Owner: Helle Dan Pålsson, Denmark (Kennel Dan L's)


Backhill's Harmony And Piece

(bitch, blue roan/tan)

Might be for sale..... 


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