SU(u)CH NUCH Backhill's Farah Diba

Born: 2000-11-07 Colour: Blue roan

 Hip certificate: A Eyes: clear

Optigen: Prcd-PRA:normal/clear (A1) FN-test: Normal

Owner: Kennel Backhill's


Have a look at Asta's first & second litter!




"Asta" 7 years




"Asta" 3 years old 



"Asta" 22 month



"Asta" 1 year old

"Asta" 8½ month old

9th November at SSRK Åstorp, only 2 days after Asta turned 2 years.

Asta won her last CAC and became both Swedish & Norwegian Show Champion.

 She was also BOS on this show!

(Judge: Andrea Carrasco , Switzerland)



  3:rd CC at Norwegian Winner Show-01 at Hamar

 and was also 2nd best bitch!! (judge: Mr Geir Flyckt Pedersen, England)


2:nd CC just 1 year old and was  also reserv

 best bitch this time at SSRK Åstorp!! (judge: Mrs Helle Dan Pålson, Denmark)


Asta got her first CC only 9 month old and was reserv best 

bitch at SSRK Skokloster!! (judge: Mr Kresten Scheel, Denmark)


"Asta" 6 month

"Asta" 9 month


"Asta" 4 month
"Asta" 4 month old

~ Results from Puppy class ~

~ 2:nd Best Puppy In Show ~

Asta has now been on her first show and was BOB-Puppy and later

2:nd Best Puppy In Show.



~ Best In Group 2 ~

On her second show in Norway this weekend 2001-04-28, 

 "Asta" was BOB-Puppy  and later Best In Group for judge: Avi Marshak, Israel.



~  Reserv Best Puppy In Show ~

Asta has now been at the Swedish Kennel club show in Vadstena 

(May 27:th) and was BOB-Puppy and later Reserv Best Puppy In Show.





SKK Nat. Borås 30 June  Judge :Mr Frank Kane

"Asta" was BIS-2 again this time at SKK in Borås out of  35 puppies 

6-9 month allbreed show !!

Mr Frank Kane wrote: 8 months blue beautiful puppy full of type and and quality.

Lovely substance free of exaggeration, feminine quality head, super movement and carriage, 

Super class puppy!




SKK Nat. Västerås 21 July  Judge: Tina Permo

"Asta" was BIS-3 this time at SKK in Västerås out of 40 puppies 

6-9 month all breed show!! 




Club Show 4 August  Judge: Elaine Thomas, Kennel Claramand

"Asta" was made BIS-Puppy (puppies 6-9 month) at the Swedish cockerclub Club Show

She wrote: Good mouth, nice head. Well boned, good feet. 

Very short-squared wellmade body.Beautiful coat with lovely colour.

Nice and short from the hocks. A bit straight in front,

 Very happy on the move keeping good topline.

 Very good rear movement, needs to settle on the frontmovement.


See more photo of Asta!



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