Backhill's Most Wanted "Marvin"


Född: 2004-12-30  Färg: blue roan 

Ägare: Maria Åslund, Kennel Pinifarina's




"Marvin" 5½ månader





"Marvin" 4 månader







"Marvin" 10 veckor








Powerscourt Pied Piper

Riondel Venture To Powerscourt
Blue Roan

GBSHCH Spendles Spinner 
Blue Roan

Riondel Okari
Blue Roan
Sorbrook Blue Ribbon At Powerscourt
Blue Roan  
Classicway Chopin at Sorbrook
 Blue Roan  
Sorbrook Zephyr
 Blue Roan


NUCH SU(u)CH SV-03 NordV-03

 Backhill's Doris Day 

NUCH Travis Fool For You

NUCH Travis Smile A While

NUCH SV-92 Travis Fool's Game

Stora Barnviks Blue Nun

Rocket Cascade
Stora Barnviks Amaretto


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