SU(u)CH Travis Keep It Classy "Greta"


Born: 2003-09-16  Colour: blue roan

Hips:  Eyes: Clear   Optigen: carrier (B1)

Owner: Kennel Backhill's   Breeder: Kari & Anna Haave


- 3 x Best Puppy In Show

- 2nd Best Puppy In Show

- Reserv Best Puppy In Show

- 8 CAC


"Junior Of The Year-2005"

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"Greta" January 2008


"Greta" October 2006



"Greta" October 2005


"Greta" October 2005


August 2005


13 months old


"Greta" 11 moths old



"Greta" 8 month old




Greta 7 months old



Greta 3 month



10 week old 




8 weeks






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